An urban fantasy audio drama

Four friends are on a sudden unexpected rescue mission - and sudden unexpected magic powers stand in their way.

About the podcast

A lazy summer afternoon turns into an impromptu rescue mission when a spirit possesses Cass and flees to go on a quest of her own. The spirit has Cass’ body, a goal, and a plan. Alex, Mike, Becca, and Trev have… well, they have a goal. They’ll face their parents, their worst fears, their newfound magic powers, and the open road, all without the person who held them together. Because going home is not an option. Not without Cass.

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About the Creators

Tal Minear and Leo Balestri set out to create Ungifts with three main goals: to give voice to a story Tal had been drafting but hadn’t yet told; to create a world with a diverse cast of characters whose identities were made explicit from the beginning; and to do something neither of them had done before. Their shared interest in podcasts led to the decision to turn Tal’s story into an audio drama. At its inception, Ungifts consisted of the two friends sitting in front of the same computer microphone, switching voices as they talked and fending off the occasional cat. It quickly grew into a much more involved production with a more fleshed-out audio environment, better sound quality, multi-tracked voices, and a soundtrack composed by Tal themself. There is still the occasional cat fended off while recording.